“Describing them. These beautiful and powerful souls that accompany me on stage and/or in recording studio, when unpacking their suitcases, after travelling all over the world during music tours. These exceptional artists that made my songs come true. I am so proud to stand next to them. Your turn now to meet them. Here is their story in a few words”.

- Tyndiaye

Arranger – Producer - Author - Song writer - Performer

He is a generous and humble artist, like his music titles. This talented song writer is performing in music all continents, which allowed him to work with: Shakira  « Waka-waka », Yannick Noah , Céline Dion, Manu Dibango, Kassav, jazzmen group Sixun, and so many more. He is also the chef choir from the Paris Chœur Gospel which whom he is performing but also produce many artists. 

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Georges Seba

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Christophe Battaglia

Christophe BATTAGLIA
Sound Engineer - Producer – Song writer and musician

He produces and arranges music albums from Yannick Noah, Kendji Girac, Christophe Maé, Garou, Céline Dion, Jean Jacques Goldman,  Tina Arena, Angélique Kidjo, Jean Louis Aubert, Manu Dibango, and many more.

Back-up singers

Back-up singers. Back-up singers with generous and talented souls, they performed with great artists like Jessy Elsa Palma, Stéphanie Naneesha… and the Peter & Ben de Masao twins are also authors, song writers and performers.

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Sara Seba

Jessy Elsa Palma

Frédérique Saint-Pierre

Stéphanie Naneesha

Masao Twins

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Karen Akel


Passionate pianist on her free time, she loves to convey her love for music to her students, after her regular day to day job. Since 2019, she accompanies Tyndiaye on stage. This great complicity between these two women shine and reveal itself in all its splendor.

Bassist – Producer – Arranger

He is performing alongside Bernard Lavilliers, Kassav, Yannick Noah, Christophe Maé. He is also the album producer for Angelique Kidjo.

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Thierry Fanfant

Dominique TAULIAUT

He is performing alongside Patrick Saint-Eloi, Guem et KASSAV. Radio animation is also his passion. He is the founder of the radio show "Le bouillon KILTIREL" on Radio Espace FM. 

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Dominique Tauliaut

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Olivier Mahop

Olivier MAHOP
Guitarist - Producer - Arranger - Song writer

In 1984 he meets Tokyo Ashanty and become his guitarist and his orchestral conductor. Some artists Olivier has worked with Manu Di bango, Touré Kunda, Ousmane Kouyate, Koffi Olomide, Cheick Tidiane Seck... and so much more.

ALI BOULO santo cissoko
Back-up singer - Author - song writer - Performer

Initiated from his childhood to the art Kora by his father and influenced by his grand-father Soundioulou Cissoko, “King of the Kora”. He is performing his compositions on the most prestigious international stages and collaborate with famous jazzmen like Doudou Gouirand or the Belmondo brothers. At the end of 2016, he returns to his roots with “Nunto”, a new and more intimate acoustic album, in which he highlights the traditional Kora alongside his true values in his lyrics: respect, tolerance, peace and recognition.

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Ali Boulo Santo Cissoko

ZEBSON pindy

Bassist and multi-instrumentalist, singer, author, song writer, arranger, orchestra conductor, he is also a teacher in different music schools. Jazz musician as well as classical musician, Zebson always try to “delete” the frontiers of the musical discrimination, in order to produce a music that reflects more and more the multicultural image of the human race.

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Zebson Pindy


Professional musician, drummer, he works in different styles: jazz, music of the world, variety, theater, poetry. With the saxophonist and flute player Hervé Bourde, he is releasing Rivages, with 8 compositions “that reflects their take on Jazz, as a permanent movement with the ultimate goal to approach beauty, either through the expression of the instant or through writing”. - Le Monde

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Karim Touré

Sound Engineer 

For the last 30 years, Frédéric has worked with various artists such as: Chet Baker, Archie Shepp, Ray Barretto, Dizzy Gillespie, Fugazi, Charles Trenet, Stan Getz, Les Garcons Bouchers, NOMEANSNO, Tania Maria, Christian Vander, Surf Piranhas, Pigalle, Pharoah Sanders, Curtis Mayfield, Wilko Johnson, Nazare Pereira, Astor Piazolla, and many more... He also directs the Recording department at HBS studios where he has been working for the last 10 years.

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Frederic Cormier