Coup de ♥️ #1 : Interview with LO'BEY

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

LO'BEY : on the set of the video clip La danse du monde

TYNDIAYE : Dear LO’BEY, hello ! I am very happy to welcome you on the « Coup de Cœur » blog of TYNDIAYE, you are the very first one. 😊

So let’s start : As we are entering Spring and still are in a peculiar situation due to the third lockdown, what your voice tells us about you ?

LO’BEY : My voice and my body tell me to slow down a bit, to take the time to think and take the right direction.

T : Your career is atypical and incredible, could you describe it to us in a few words ?

LO’BEY : I don't know if we can talk about a career, because so far I haven't achieved anything that is musically sustainable. The 1st lockdown was an opportunity for me to stop racing professionally and to take the time to try out one of my passions.

T : Lo’Bey, What is the origin of your artist name ?

LO’BEY : Lo'Bey is the acronym of my name LAUrent de BarBEYrac

T : When creating, what comes first: writing ? Composing ?

LO’BEY : I start by composing a melody, then I write over it. I have never tried to do the reverse before.

T : "La Danse du Monde" is a song that appealed to me a lot the first time I heard it and the following ones… An awareness of our planet and the people who drive it. Is this a subject close to your heart?

LO’BEY : Yes of course, and the first lockdown was also an opportunity to reflect, to gain height on the meaning and goals of our journey on Earth. I first tried writing articles on different social topics, and then, with a few guitar notes, I found it interesting to interpret them. Music and Art in general are perhaps the best vectors for transmitting ideas and values.

LO'BEY - La danse du Monde

T : What inspires you in life ?

LO’BEY : I am a lover, a passionate admirer of the magnificent natural balance that reigns on our planet, of the potential adaptation of all the forms of life present, which moreover all count as much as the others in my eyes, because all play a decisive role in the vital maintenance of this balance.

T : What young man are you in 2021 ?

LO’BEY : I feel like a man who is currently flourished by the love that surrounds me and lucky to have a body that functions well. I am also a young man who asks himself a lot of questions about the meaning and priorities he now wants to give to his life that remains to be


LO'BEY in his garden looking for inspiration...

T : What will bey ou next step ?

LO’BEY : Stop chasing time, try to become calmer, more zen, and devote more time to music.

T : One more thing, what are your 3 inspiring words of the moment that you would share with our readers ?


T : Goodbye LO’BEY, thank you very much for your precious time, looking forward to hearing your next songs...

LO’BEY : Goodbye TYNDIAYE...

Dear readers, I invite you to discover the universe of LO'BEY,

authentic artist with a sunny voice. 🌞

And you, how do you dance your world ?

I am looking forward to your feedback.


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LO'BEY - Dans mon âme

Layout : Cynthia Akel

Translation : Sebastien Lapray

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