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From the richness of her various cultural legacies between France and Africa, where she finds her inspirations at the whim of encounters and with time, TYNDIAYE offers a musical universe that transcends borders. A magical world where poetry of the French language and sounds emerging from the African Territories are meeting up altogether.

Her music is the reflection of a perfect chemistry between the observation of the outside world and the internal echo of the artist. The people she met in her life, their multiplicity and their cultural differences have given birth to a voice submerged by emotions and to lyrics engraved into the moment. 

A voice in accordance to the body and mind that the artist expresses with authenticity and generosity to serve others, through her music as well as her work as a vocal coach for almost 20 years now, within her company La Voix du Coaching.

"L'âme de l'Afrique est là."

- Marie José. 

"We feel her burning passion with an astonishing softness"

- Steven.